Conference News

Prof. Blaž Likozar, Prof. Jalal Taji, Prof. Magfura Pervin will Be Present At ICIEM2024 Conference!

ICIEM2024 will be held in a more convenient online way on May 23, 2024 in Beijing Time. This conference is hosted by International Association of Management Science and Engineering Technology. It's our honor to invite Prof. Blaž Likozar, Prof. Jalal Taji and Prof. Magfura Pervin as keynote speakers to deliver their speeches at this conference.

Prof. Blaž Likozar is a head of the Department of Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering at the National Institute of Chemistry (NIC), leading the programme “Chemical Reaction Engineering”, as well as numerous research projects (15 H2020 / 50 in Horizon Europe alone). His expertise lies (among others) in heterogeneous catalysis materials, modelling, simulation and optimization of process fluid mechanics, transport phenomena and chemical kinetics. He worked at the University of Delaware in 2014–2015 as a Fulbright Program researcher. He has authored >330 articles, was cited >10000 times, having a h-index of 46. He is also involved in many industrial projects, amongst others, with TotalEnergies, Evonik Industries, UPM, Novartis, Carbon Recycling International. He is a recipient of Pregl and Zois awards.

Dr. Jalal Taji has PhD in industrial engineering, and currently works as an assistant professor at State University of Bojnord, Iran. He has 10 years of experience in improving manufacturing processes, mathematical modeling, optimization, simulation, machine learning, SPC, big data and data analysis, data-driven modeling and programming (MATLAB, GAMS, C#), and Industry 4.0, etc. He has published 5 journal papers and 6 conference papers. Dr. Jalal Taji also attended several international conferences or workshops, and gave his speeches. He was the member of International Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, and also resulted in 1 applied practical research in Steel Industrial Complex, Iran (Improving manufacturing process) by cross-functional collaboration.

Dr. Magfura Pervin currently is working as an assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics, Bangabasi Evening College, Kolkata, India. Her research interests focus on Supply Chain Management, Smart Manufacturing System, Production Planning, Inventory Control, etc. She has published more than 20 papers. She also participated in seminar or workshop, and delivered her speeches. Dr. Magfura Pervin serves as a reviewer for journals, such as International Journal of Supply and Operations Management, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Frontiers in Psychology and so on.