Conference News

Indian scholar Nirmalakumar Parshwanath Rajamane was invited to ICIEM2023!

    The 15th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management (ICIEM 2023) is the major academic conference of the year and will be held online on May 16-17, 2023. Recently, Indian scholar Nirmalakumar Parshwanath Rajamane has been invited to participate in ICIEM 2023!

    Dr. Nirmalakumar Parshwanath Rajamane is an expert in concrete research. He is the founder and former head of numerous concrete research centers, he was the main leader of Centre For Advanced Concrete Research (CACR), SRM IST (Former SRM University) from 1973-2010, and Advanced Materials Lab (AML) (AML) from 1973-2020. Lab (AML) (Former Concrete Composites Lab), (CSIR-SERC) from 1973 to 2020. He has received numerous awards such as Distinguished Concrete Expert, President's Gold Medal, and Brij Mohanlal Award.