Conference News

Pakistani scholar Rimsha Ejaz was invited to participate in ICIEM2023!

    The 15th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management (ICIEM 2023) is an important academic conference of the year and will be held online on May 16-17, 2023. Recently, Pakistani scholar Rimsha Ejaz was invited to participate in ICIEM2023!

    Dr.Mahshad Azima,An individual who is enthusiastic and highly motivated and who is aware of the obligations and roles that come with being an architecture engineer. Mahshad is also passionate about research, energy efficiency, and cutting-edge architecture and design. She has a wide range of technical, interpersonal effectiveness, and leadership skills and applies rigorous reasoning and methodologies to find workable solutions to challenging issues. She has a solid track record of making the best use of any available tools and strategies because she is a person who is at ease with and adept at coping with changes.She has been working as a research assistant at Ozyegin University since 2019 and has been widely acclaimed. Currently, she is still working on her PhD at Ozyegin University, Turkey.